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Brian Thomas

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Brian Thomas

Mixed Media
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Mixed Media Rock Artist

Rocks are abundant. Often, they are in the way. In a pile, they are labor awaiting. They are in the way of your shovel, your spade, your car, your bike; they block your path and just make life more difficult.

But, individually, they have a story to tell. They have been soaking in each ray of sunshine, each drop of water, every vibration and every sound for millions of years.

Individually, they can be breathtaking to look at. By using them in my art, I can tell a story. A story about the beauty in differences. A story about choices, about struggles, about beauty, all from special rocks that were selected from the millions available to me.

To take something that is stubbornly resistant and to help it tell a story—that is why I love working with rocks. Each rock can stand on its own, but combining it with others to form a larger meaning—that is my passion.

How do I work with some of the hardest objects on our planet? Deliberately, slowly, and with great effort. Bringing Mother Nature into our homes is beneficial. Bringing eons of stories into our life helps us set our perspectives. You’ve been here for decades. They’ve been here forever.

Brian Thomas is a local Abiquiu, New Mexico artist who uses rocks to create mixed media wall art, hanging sky cairns, table art and sculptures. His Abiquiu art studio will open in Fall, 2019 and his online gallery can be visited at