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“J” Suris

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“J” Suris

Drums, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Woodworking
Mailing Address PO Box 198
 Abiquiú, NM 87510
Phone 505-685-4832
recycled mixed media sculpture

Although I primarily work with wood I am fascinated by the alchemy of mixing various materials such as antler, stone, bone and found materials into my work to achieve the calling of each piece. My recent work takes the form of intimate cabinets and magic furniture, figurative spirit beings and sometimes surprising representations of my journey into the "listening place"--a place I find myself in as I hold gathered materials in my hands before I begin working.

My purpose is to share what I have found and felt through my artwork as a communication with others for growth, healing and love.

My past art experience includes sculpture, ceramic sculpture, metalsmithing, performance, sound and video.