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Stonetrigger Press

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Stonetrigger Press

Gallery, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking
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Mailing Address PO Box 1143
 Abiquiu , NM 87510
Phone 917-547-3445
printmaking studio offering prints, drawings and unique journals

In 2012 Hilary Lorenz and Lisa Studier founded Stonetrigger Press in Abiquiu, NM.  Located in the high desert of New Mexico they built by hand a large studio out of stone, mud, wood and tin. Each year they split their time between NYC and NM spends time in Abiquiu deeply engaged in their practices--art, running, mountaineering.

Lorenz an interdisciplinary artist, creates artwork using printmaking, drawing, installation, and any combination thereof. Grounded in traditions of performance walking, she use trekking to investigate ritual and rhythm that test my physical and psychic boundaries. She utilize tools such as GPS tracking, audio recording, and photography to record my treks and pose questions of wandering, displacement, routes, and territory. The concept is inspired by her practices of long-distance running, printmaking, encountering nature, and experiencing raw solitude.

Studiers  woodcut prints explore the natural world, both land and sea. The imagery has developed from a deep interest in the environment, conservation, and natural history, and intends to celebrate the beauty and diversity of animal life in the face of increasing threats such as pollution, habitat destruction, and global climate change. In the tradition of portraiture, she seeks to give a sense of dignity and identity to the individual, and by extension a collective face to a previously anonymous species.