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William – Grizzly Sakowski

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William - Grizzly Sakowski

Phone 505-685-4110

My name is William Francis Sakowski, but most folks call me Grizzly, or Grizz. I live high on a hill overlooking the Abiquiu valley, where I am blessed with spectacular views in every direction, blocked only by photogenic backdrops which add depth to the constantly changing sky dramas. I almost feel obligated to capture these for others to enjoy, so I do.

I have framed my favorite photographs in recycled wood, but I also have available my entire collection, featuring the many moods of Pedernal, cloud "cartoons", and my puppy pal, Beauty.

In addition, I have made several videos: "Mops", "Crime and Mopishment", "Los Mopes", "Amelia", "Mop Fighting in New Mexico", and "Moptanamo Bay".