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Renata Z

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Renata Z

Fiber Arts
Artist Website
Mailing Address PO Box 694
 Medanales, NM 87548
Phone 505-257-1004
Extraordinary Knitwear and Textile Wearables

After coming to the USA over 30 years ago, first spending a few years in New York, I found my way to beautiful northern New Mexico. I’d been handknitting since childhood in Germany, where knitting in particular is a major European tradition. But after arriving in the United States, I learned to knit on a home knitting loom which set my work in a new direction. The knitting loom or machine is essential for the kind of knitwear I make, enabling me to use fine, thin yarns that can be mixed with other novelty yarns to make light-weight, smooth garments. My goal is to create comfortable, well executed art-wear that can be worn year round.

Creating with colorful cottons, wools, rayon, silk and chenille, implementing interesting fair isle designs on the standard gauge loom to produce a lighter weight garment, and adding a blend of exquisite hand finishing with totally original edges and buttons, make my garments unique and special.

Much of my inspiration comes from the fabulous colors and shapes that surround me in my home and studio high atop a mesa, in the stunning high desert of New Mexico. My European background, which includes experience in the German cinema as a costume designer, and training at a school for textile design, combined with my love of texture and expertise in knitting and clothing design, all contribute to my ability to express myself creatively in the form of wearable art. The constant changes in the landscape where I live will continue to inspire me with an abundance of ideas for new color combinations and fresh designs.