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Mary Pahl

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Mary Pahl

Fiber Arts, Jewelry
Artist Website
Mailing Address PO Box 1358
 Abiquiú, NM 87510
Phone 505-685-4935
"weaving, beadwork, fiber arts"

I’m primarily a weaver, which is a wonderful but time-consuming and labor-intensive craft. I first learned to weave in the Navajo style on a traditional upright loom. I had a wonderful teacher, Sally Curtis of Lower Greasewood, Arizona. Sally and I met in Idaho Falls, Idaho and became not only teacher and student, but fast friends as well. Sally spoke no English, and I, of course, no Navajo. Despite our lack of a language in common, this was an enriching and enjoyable relationship for both of us. I have since learned other styles of weaving on multi-harness floor rooms.

Currently i enjoy weaving twill scarves from bamboo, silk, alpaca, and other "luxury" fibers. But weaving wool tapestry rugs on a Navajo loom remains my favorite activity. My jewelry-making provides me with more immediate gratification. I especially enjoy working with semi-precious stones because of their natural beauty and the metaphysical properties associated with the individual varieties of stones. Sometimes I combine the two media and produce woven neckpieces which incorporate beads and stones.