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Bill Page

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Bill Page

Mailing Address PO Box 940
 Abiquiú, NM 87510
Phone 505-685-4159

I discovered I was a painter at fifty plus years of age. The past fifteen years have been a continuous process of discovering what it means, "to be a painter." The mix of meaning and mastery has required patience and persistence that I did not know I had. Today I am in the early stages of finding "my voice as a painter."

I have been part of a group which explores the issues of difference (gender, race, culture and sexual orientation) in corporations and educational institutions for the past twenty years. The work has caused me to see that the full realization of masculine and feminine power is key to the human quest for meaning.

In addition there are several questions which underlie my search for my own painting. What difference do the pictures from the Hubble Telescope make in the human quest for meaning. What is the relationship between human experience and the nature of the Universe(s)? Can (I) we, transcend limiting historic belief systems and face the full magnificence and terror of our existence?

I intend that my paintings cause the viewer to reflect on these issues and questions I have raised.