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Fiber Arts, Jewelry
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Mailing Address PO Box 624
 Abiquiú, NM 87510
Phone 505-685-0621
Beaded Jewelry

Quilting and beading jewelry connects me to the past and present creative women in my family.  The joy of gathering and recycling fabric is the catalyst for strips, pieces, scraps, beads, and thread that join in an art assemblage for wall hanging and neckwear. 

Old petroglyph designs inspire me to include the past in my present creation with cloth and beads that begin to tell a story for the improvised patterns in the finished piece. In teaching quilting, students expanded my view and challenged me to think beyond my present creativity. Color, lines, textures from nature of the mesa’s, arroyo’s and streams play a role in design as I construct in fabric. A dance begins between my head, heart and hands, cutting, shaping, and forming geologic formations in the final piece.  Many artists inspire me with incentive to excel, dream up and become better with my art.

Most of the beads, findings, and accent pieces are handpicked for uniqueness. The neckwear designs and color reflect freeform. I incorporate some of the energy from the land and a feeling of spirit into my work.

I have a loving relationship with fabric and beads. The resiliency of fabric reminds me of our resilient transitions and transformations in life. The quilt media gives commonalties that relate and connect us to each other with touch and intimacy. So I hope as you view my designs/techniques of my wall hangings and beaded jewelry that they bring you a smile and happy thoughts.  ENJOY