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Steve Ng

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Steve Ng

Sculpture, Woodworking
Mailing Address PO Box 951
 Abiquiu , NM 87510
Phone 505-685-0066
Wood & Stone Sculpture

I create objects because something about them compels me to: animals that have piqued my curiosity and wonderment. Religious and spiritual objects which I have no idea where they will lead to, or what they hold inside. It is these things I sculpt from wood and stone: I follow the grain, incorporate the fissures - I let the finish show the inherent pattern and coloration of the material. To honor the uniqueness of each piece of the natural world that is used.

The subjects I carve - comprise uninterrupted lines, fusion of shapes, smoothness as texture. My work is to distill the object's essence through the selection of reductionist elements.

My hope is that people are drawn to look at and touch these sculpted pieces, and that the simplicity in each object allows the beholder's own experiences and aspirations to rise to the surface. So that a sculpture out of non-living material is living, and continues to live, whenever it is in someone's presence.