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Lisa Neimeth Ceramics

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Lisa Neimeth Ceramics

Sculpture, Ceramics, Pottery
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Mailing Address 845A E. Palace Ave.
 Santa Fe,, NM 87501
Handmade One of a Kind Ceramic Tableware and Serve Ware

Clay has been in my life since studying ceramics in college, but after getting graduate degrees in social work and non-profit management/urban planning I pursued a career in community service in New York City and San Francisco until my two children were born. Even while doing that work, I always worked with clay on the side—working in private studios as well as annual workshops at Ghost Ranch. My community development work exposed me to many different cultures, neighborhoods and ways of life and really helped to hone my observation skills which I use regularly to influence and inform my clay design work. After my kids were born, I worked doing more sculptural work combining my love of collecting found and vintage objects and clay. After eating in a restaurant that used handmade plates, I felt motivated to move my work to a more functional place. But I wanted to bridge the concept of a “work of art” with something completely useable—and there was born creating one of a kind handmade tableware.

Everything inspires me. I am constantly taking note of colors in nature, food, magazines, newspapers, fashion, street art and graffiti and love seeing colors put together unexpectedly. Travel has been a big influence on my work as it heightens observation skills and offers opportunities to experience things in new ways. I have traveled extensively to Mexico, Central and South America, infusing my vision with the collecting of folk art, perusing ancient indigenous sites and wonderful age old traditions of pottery. I take many photos when I travel, of color combinations, or scenarios that are juxtaposed in a way to either amuse or encourage further observation. I like to think about my plates as little tableaus to capture these recorded and observed images. Also, just living and splitting time between an urban and a rural environment, I get to travel a little bit each day to new neighborhoods with new people, sights, smells and images. I bank these images which often wind up on a plate. I have always been a collector—flea markets, the beach, the woods, the street, second hand shops, the desert—basically I am always on alert to pick up an object anywhere. I incorporate a lot of vintage and found natural objects in my work—old curios, textured branches, pods, berries, bones...I’ll press anything into a piece of clay. I really make my work to be used. The plates can inspire and tell a story so they are evocative in the traditional “art” sense—but are completely functional. I also love the notion of high-end craft and taking time to carefully make everyday items. It is the way things used to be made—by hand and with great care and craft. It encourages an appreciation of the everyday. Cherish, but use often.