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Mike’s Pens

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Mike's Pens

Woodworking, Jewelry
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Instagram Handlemike.beddo
Mailing Address PO Box 1307
 Abiquiu , NM 87510
Phone 505-685-0088
Turned Pens, Fine Wood Working, Jewelry

Many years ago, my son and I purchased a “pen makers starter set.” It came with drill bits, bushings, “slimline” pen kits, “cigar” pen kits, and some wood pen blanks. We made a few pens, then got bored and packed it all up and stowed in a corner of the shop.

Two years ago, while cleaning up the shop, I came across that old box. I blew off the dust and I’ve been hooked since. I can’t seem to stop making pens. It’s a great stress reliever after a hard day’s work. There’s something about grabbing a piece of wood, cutting away everything that doesn’t look like a pen, sanding and finishing, and assembling the final product.

Probably one of my favorite woods to use for pen making is the dead wood of a cholla cactus. Cholla [choy-ah] are ubiquitous where I live. Often, I pick up a piece during my morning walks and bring it back to my shop. The weather has done the hard part by stripping off the dead flesh and needles. What I need to do is find a section that would accommodate a new pen I want to make. It can be difficult to work with cholla, but great for doing inlay work.