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Barbara Manzanares

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Barbara Manzanares

Fiber Arts
Mailing Address PO Box 1022
 Abiquiú, NM 87510
Phone 505-685-0737
Natural dye yarn, Weavings & Supplies

I learned to weave at home from my mother, Getrudis (Martinez) Manzanares, and weave Rio Grande, Chimayo, Navajo and Contemporary styles.

I dye my wool using only natural materials and use primarily traditional Hispanic dye materials which grow around us: Chamiso (several kinds), Escoba de la Vibora, Cota, Onion Skins (yellow and red), Cedar Bark, Black Walnuts - and I buy the Cochinela Bugs (for pinks) and Indigo (for blues).

These are the traditional dyes that have been used in Northern New Mexico for centuries, and are basically the Navajo Dyes.

I have woven for my own personal fulfillment for many years, but I have been weaving for a living since 1991.


Galería de Don Cacahuate
Abiquiu NM