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La Chapeliere

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La Chapeliere

Fiber Arts
Mailing Address PO Box 652
 Abiquiú, NM 87510
Phone 505-685-0020
Handknit Felted Hats


(French for hat-maker)

"Having always been a hat person and an avid knitter, the transition to hat-making was a natural one.

The myriad colors, textures, combinations of fibers and patterns contribute to the creative process I enjoy and which help me work toward the "perfect hat".

Each hat is hand-knitted with the finest wools: sheep, alpaca or merino and usually adorned with sterling, bone or wood beads.

The long hours of knitting, boiling and shaping the media result in a creation that is never repeated exactly.

Each hat is unique.

My  different styles most likely reflect my growing-up days all over Europe and now my life here in the Southwest where I appreciate the colors of the sky, earth and plants that remind me a little of the colors of Provence I loved so much in my youth.

Abiquiu is my home now where I live with my husband, daughters and four adorable rescued dogs.