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Sam Brown

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Sam Brown

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Mailing Address PO Box 1441
 Abiquiú, NM 87510
Phone 505-685-4260
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Most of my earlier work consisted of exercises in Science Fiction illustration and painting. Science Fiction/Fantasy festivals were where I first began to publicly display my art in my early 20s. In time, metaphysics, mysticism...Taoism... Noetic notions... the Archaic Revival ... these all became areas of influence for the content of my paintings. The archetype of the Spiral is prevalent in many of my pieces and has been an important influence to me since my youth. I started creating a series of Spiral paintings several years back...

I continue to add to that series today.

I currently live in a small adobe studio in the magical desert world of Abiquiu, New Mexico with my Jack Russell, LucyLu and my ghost dog, Kosmo.