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Lisa B Baker

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Lisa B Baker

Mixed Media
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Mailing Address P.O. Box 316
 Medanales, NM 87548
Phone 505-685-4851
sacred journey through painting, sticks, gourds, etc.

Creative expression has been a longtime companion that has journeyed with me to deeper places within. As an art major, I quickly realized that for me, it was more about the message. At times, an image leads me to clarity of words. At others, the words offer an image.

Interacting with a painting, sinking my fingers in clay or sitting with a gourd usually results in some sort of inner understanding. A stick may point out a new discovery that I can then articulate or often the words beg for an image to illustrate their meaning.

As a Spiritual Director, I ask directees to sit with the words; they’ve just spoken, until an image arises. Many times we run ahead of ourselves and simply need to be still, allowing all of our parts to reunite as one whole. When we bask in the visual, we offer our minds a rest, inviting contemplation and wonder.