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Jim Baker

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Jim Baker

Mixed Media, Woodworking
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Mailing Address PO Box 316
 Medanales, NM 87548
Phone 505-685-4851
Sacred Art - Repurposed Bibles, Torahs, Crosses

Sacred Structures

By Jim Baker


My art conveys the belief that sacred scriptures cannot be fully interpreted and applied without metaphor, symbol and story. Jesus took what he saw around him.......animals, flowers, trees, vines, bread, wine, yokes and used them as metaphors and parables to communicate spiritual truth. My art reflects the deep connection between the sacred scriptures of my Judeo-Christian faith tradition, the Torah and the Bible, and the metaphors and symbols requisite to their understanding.

The pages of each worn and weathered Bible are carefully and prayerfully torn and sewed back together with an ancient Coptic Christian stitching and draped over a religious metaphorical or symbolic structure.

The inspiration to re-stich old Bibles comes the word religion derived from the Latin word, Re-ligio, meaning re-binding, or God's attempt to use everything to connect us to God, self and others. The U-shaped drape of the repurposed Bible represents God speaking through his word as the outer authority of our lives. The contents of the container represents the inner authority of our lives, the communing with God through the heart, soul, spirit, prayer and contemplation.