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Isaac AlaridPease

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Isaac AlaridPease

Painting, Folk Art, Sculpture, Printmaking, Products
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Mailing Address 419 Quincy NE
 Albuquerque, NM 87108
Phone 505-670-6805
Acrylic on Wood. Urban Folk, Abstract Landscapes Playful Carvings

Raised in a hundred year old, exposed adobe home in northern New Mexico, Isaac AlaridPease's childhood cartooning tendencies have morphed into an urban folk art style that is inspired by the visual, auditory and textural complexities of multicultural urban environments; trash strewn streets, graffiti gracing the decrepit surfaces of worn out buildings, the silently searching and the pressing through of life. AlaridPease steals passing glances as people kiss openly in public, he reaches towards the Lord God, and stands in love with the living. He appropriates the unbridled creativity of outsider art, finds awe in the mark specific drawings of his three young sons and flavors his paint with the salt of Mexican folk art.

The spirit of the side walk is in each of his wood surface paintings. AlaridPease earned his BFA and MA Art Ed from the University of New Mexico and is represented by Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque, NM. In 2010, his fish cars were seen on the cable television HGTV station as part of their Dream Home sweepstakes.