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Abiquiu Friends Textile Studio

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Abiquiu Friends Textile Studio

Fiber Arts
Mailing Address PO Box 146
 Abiquiú, NM 87510
Phone 505-685-4639
Abiquiu Friends Dolls, Hand Dyed Fabrics & Scarves & Dye your own

I am in a life-long love affair with textiles. I started sewing at age 6 when my Grandmother gave me fabrics and trims. Most of my dolls were folk art, collected from North Carolina, Pakistan, Iran, Greece, and anywhere else my military traveled to.    I have studied costume and clothing design and construction as well as surface design techniques and worked with professional dyes for many years. I play at dyeing, sewing and quilting and love to introduce others to textile arts through teaching

For the Abiquiu Studio Tour, I plan to arrange my studio so people can come in and experience dyeing and some simple surface design techniques. Guests can purchase a white scarf and make their own unique wearable art in about 20 minutes or, purchase a dyed scarf and make it uniquely theirs with my supplies and help. I will also have a selection of transformed silk and velvet scarves available for purchase.

I am frequently at the dyepot transforming KONA cotton for quilts and clothing and will have a good selection hand-dyed KONA at the tour.

I have a batch of Abiquiu Friends waiting to go to new homes. These dolls are inspired by the Russian Matruska and the simple cloth dolls I played with as a child. The dolls serve me as a canvas to try out beading and stitches, and as a way to use treasured textiles from all over the world. They are dolls for adults and are a tactile and visual delight.