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Abiquiú Studio Tour ART CARDS APP

The Abiquiú ART CARDS APP offers a view into the art of artists in the annual fall Northern New Mexico Abiquiu Studio Tour. Geo-located MAP STOPS help you plan your tour visit during the three day studio tour. Create your own list of favorite artists, use social media to promote their work to your friends. A great tool for planning your visit to the fall studio tour. Abiquiú ART CARDS provides contact information for each tour artist, keeping in touch with your favorite artists all year.

About The App

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ART CARD App Artist

Scroll through the alphabetical directory to search for artists. Click on an individual artist to see their Art Card, contact information, links and artist statements. 

From the Art Cards create your own favorites list of artists, or email, Tweet or Facebook your friends about a particular artist.

Roll the dice to get a random shuffling of Art Cards and see the diversity of art in the Abiquiú Studio Tour.

Swipe card to card to for fast viewing of all artists.




ART CARD App Artist

Discover the locations of the 38 studio stops in the 20th annual Abiquiú Studio Tour, October 12th, 13th and 14th, 2013.  

Select a studio tour stop number and you’ll discover the artists showing at that location.

Access the Art Cards of artists directly from the map stops and for more information about their work.  

The map stops also display food stops will be during the tour.



ART CARD App Artist

Select from a list of media types to search for art and artists within a particular category.

Discover Abiquiú galleries and food stops where local Northern New Mexico cuisine and other treats can be found during the studio tour.

Your personal list of favorite artists is also featured in categories.


CONTACT The APP Group - abiquiu(at)gmail(dot)com

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